Weight loss regime has gained significant importance in the recent past. To lose weight naturally: yoga, aerobics and other exercises are preferred. There is a section of people, particularly the youths who prefer to be on weight loss pills to lose weight faster.

However, there are some extreme weight loss solutions which promise you to lose weight within a week. There are several advertisements which promote shedding 5-6 pounds in a week. We recommend you to focus on natural ways to lose weight.


Below are some of the points which you should focus on:-


Drink plenty of water

To lose weight faster, it is usually recommended to be on a liquid diet. People usually opt for milk shakes, fruit juice and other beverages. However, it may be rich in carbohydrate or protein.

It may also have some fat content in it and hence will not be effective in weight loss. It is therefore advised to drink lot of water in a day. It is the best drink and is completely devoid of carbohydrate or fat.

In case, you want to make your drink healthy add lemon juice to it and have several times in a day. This drink will reduce the water weight of the body and you look slim and fit.


Eat complex carbohydrates

Carbohydrate is a major source of energy and is essential for the body. Almost all foods have some form of carbohydrates like rice, bread, fruits and vegetables. Usually foods which are white in colour like rice and bread have plenty of carbohydrates in it.


These are easily digestible and hence the craving increases after some time. This is not good if you are trying to lose weight. Therefore, switch to fruits and vegetables which take longer time to digest and keep you full.


More sleep

Experts say sleeping is a shortcut to weight loss. It increases body metabolism and therefore helps in losing weight. However, it is not a very sure short method of losing weight. The myth behind it is when you are sleeping for longer hours, your food consumption will be less which helps you to lose weight faster.


Salmon for lunch

Salmon is a protein rich diet but it is believed that your face looks thinner after having a salmon in lunch.


Dress up right

It is advised that wearing the skin fitting jeans and dresses will give you a slimmer look than you actually are.

The extreme weight loss tips are not a permanent solution to losing weight. It is a temporary solution and may not have a lasting effect.